HotThemes is is a company which main activity is development of Joomla templates. We created the Sparky Framework because we needed a tool that will allow us to create templates based on our designs faster and easier. We experienced boring and repetitive work with every new Joomla template we were making. Did you experience the same?

First, we started exploring some existing template frameworks. But none of them satisfied our needs. With every template framework we tried, we needed more time and effort to develop our templates than making them without them. Because none of them allowed us to reach full freedom in making all decisions about how our site will look and work. So, we had to customize the code manually. Also, we couldn’t find a framework that allowed us to customize it in all aspects. Each framework had its own “signature”. We had a bad feeling that our customers would recognize the framework we used in a matter of seconds. In short, we were afraid: All our templates will look similar! Sooner or later.

Therefore, we started the development of our own framework. Joomla templates are the primary focus of our business. But, with each new template, our framework was becoming better and better. We were adding some new features (almost) with each new template release. Also, on some occasions, we have been removing some features because, after some time, we found them not so useful.

The Sparky Framework was growing with our experience with Joomla. Its quality was polished based on the feedback we received from our customers.

But, since the earliest days, our focus while developing Sparky was - freedom. The freedom to develop any site you want, but still, use the framework to avoid repetitive work. Speeding up the development process should not be based on any constraints of the framework. Yes, you can create websites with several clicks using some popular page builders. Some of them are perhaps included with your hosting for free. But, such tools won’t give you the ability to create original and unique websites that you would be satisfied with.

Try Sparky! It will change the way you are working with Joomla.