If you have no clue what’s HTML or have zero experience with CSS, you will not be able to use the Sparky Framework with 100% efficiency! The same is true for all other frameworks, site builders, and similar tools. No matter what they say! But, if you know how to work with Joomla, you still can try the Sparky Framework. Of course, with Sparky, it’s not necessary to write code manually. But it will be your advantage if you understand the core technologies of the web, regardless of the framework you are using.

Will you trust us if we say: “If you know how to turn your computer on, it’s enough knowledge to make a great looking website with Sparky Framework!”. Of course you won’t!

Also, since this framework is developed for Joomla CMS, you should have a fair knowledge about the administration of Joomla websites.

Some of the sections in this documentation are therefore marked as “advanced” and they are appropriate for users familiar with HTML and CSS.