Sparky Framework uses Joomla Update System to keep the Sparky’s template and all plugins up-to-date. When there’s a new version of template or plugin available, you will see a notification in your Joomla Administration Panel. To update, do the following:

  1. Click the link in the notification message that informs you about new version.
  2. On the “Extensions: Update page”, select Sparky’s template or plugin that has a new version available.
  3. Click Update button.

If you changed any code in any Sparky Framework file(s), your changes will be overwritten after every update. However, files dedicated for custom CSS and JS code will not be overwritten (custom.css and custom.js).

Update Troubleshoots

If you can’t see the notification informing you about a new version and you are sure there’s a new version of the Sparky Framework available, go to Extensions > Manage > Update Sites and check if Sparky Template and Sparky Plugin sites are on the list and in published status.

If the update sites for Sparky are in place, but you still can’t see the notification about a new version, go to Extensions > Manage > Update and click Clear Cache button. After this, click Find Update.

Please make backups before doing updates to save yourself from troubles.