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Are you started to panic? You're thinking: "They took my money for nothing!" No. We didn't! Although there are many places on the Internet where you can give "money for nothing", we are not such kind of guys. Let's start panicking, and let's better analyze the situation.

joomla template change

Is it easy to change Joomla template of an existing website? Will the website be offline for a long time during this operation? These questions are often asked in the Joomla world. People not proficient with Joomla usually think that template will be changed with a single click. This is actually true. Your template will be changed in a second, but there's a big chance that your website will be messed up after that.

Many people ask us how to change the page title to their Joomla websites. Since it is not in any way related to the template that is used, instructions that we present here are valid for every Joomla site.

After successful submission of the Contact form, by default, Joomla 1.5 displays an information message "Thank you for contacting us" or similar, depending of your language preferences. From my experience, many clients prefer separate "Thank you" page, after the contact form is submitted. On that page, they usually put informational text, like when clients may expect answer or Google Maps code with physical company location.

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