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k2 not protected from comments spam

K2 is probably the most popular Joomla component today. It enables Joomla with two very important features that per our opinion should be incorporated in the core Joomla. Beside the many other features, those two most important features are content tagging and comments of articles. The comment form in your article pages is one of the most often used for spamming. There's no better way for a spammer to get a link from your site than to leave a pointless comment on your article.

Before you start, please keep in mind that HotStart is a new Joomla installation. Don't try to install it into your existing Joomla. After you accomplish this process, you would get new Joomla with Hot Relief template preinstalled. Basically, HotStart is like ordinary Joomla installation, but SQL file with sample data is modified so it included the demo data that you can see on our Hot Relief demo.

responsive web design

You have probably already heard about the responsive web design or about the responsive web sites and the responsive templates. Many people don't make any difference between the regular and the responsive web design. This is a new approach in web design, not because it uses some new or super modern techniques, but because it's needed today much more than it was needed in the past. On this page, we will explain why the responsive web sites are so popular these days.

VirtueMart 2.0.2 is available for download. This version fixes several bugs from the previous versions, adds support for two more payment processors and, most importantly, allows usage of VirtueMart 2.0 with the latest Joomla 2.5. We have been fast as always, so new versions of our VirtueMart templates are already available for download.

joomla 2.5 upgrade process

On January 25, 2012., the new version of Joomla has become available for download. It's Joomla 2.5. Many of Joomla users who are not so familiar with the history of Joomla CMS would think it's another major release that's very different from the previous. Also, many users are probably concerned about complexity of the update process.

When installing Joomla, the installer script asked you to select a language. English language was selected by default. But you remember well, you selected your native language. However, when you opened Joomla backend, everything is still in English.

Joomla modules are designed to work in module positions. However, many users requested to have ability to use Joomla modules inside Joomla articles. For this purpose, Joomla comes with functionality to display module in content.

The VirtueMart development team announced new release candidate version of VirtueMart 2.0 (RC3). Althrough it's not the final version yet, we believe it would fix many bugs found in previous versions of VirtueMart 2.0.

joomla page break default

Whenever you have too long pages, for better user experience, it's recommended to separate it to the several subpages. This feature exists in Joomla from the early days. It's performed by the Pagebreak plugin that comes with default Joomla installation. However, in the later Joomla versions it's enhanced and has more power. The options are "hidden" in the Plugin Manager and many Joomla users don't even know they exist.