Joomla! 4 is completely redesigned, rethought, and has new features. Joomla 4 Templates

Joomla 4 Templates

Joomla templates listed here are fully compatible with the new Joomla 4. The demo data (quickstart) are included with each template. Each template is developed as a child template and has the Sparky Framework as the parent template. Start your new Joomla website based on the latest and the best Joomla version today! We are adding new Joomla 4 templates regularly.



Hot Academy template can be used for development of Joomla site for any kind of educational institution including universities, academies, elementary and high schools, etc.


Hot App is based on a responsive design for (but not limited to) application developers. For small investment of money and time, it allows app developers to create a nice and responsive CMS website.


The main inspiration for making the Hot Aroma template we found in our favorite beverage. Coffee keeps us focused while we are making all these responsive Joomla templates that our customers love!

Baby Shop

Since the parents are usually very busy looking after their children, they often shop online to save some time. Therefore, online shops for babies and kids are popular and it's usually a profitable business.


The Hot Bakery is designed for bakeries, restaurants, bars, and similar websites. This responsive design is based on the images of the bakery products inside the parallax containers and carousels.


Hot Ballet is a responsive Joomla! template dedicated to an artistic dance form performed to music. This template uses the latest web technologies powered by Joomla! CMS to allow the ballet schools to create their web presentation easily.


Hot Billiards is a responsive Joomla! template appropriate for websites of the entertainment salons, especially those related to various billiard games. It's also good for the websites of the billiard clubs.


Hot Blankie is a clean Joomla template. It's a neutral template that can be used for the development of all kinds of websites. This template has been developed with Sparky Framework.


These days when we use at least HD resolution (1920 pixels wide or more), websites based on regular width of about 960 pixels look somehow small. Here comes our full screen template, Bokeh.


The Hot Burgers is dedicated to fast food restaurants that have burgers as the main offer in their menus. It will be a great starting point for making the online menu for any restaurant.


The Hot Business is a responsive Joomla template suitable for any contemporary business and corporate websites for startups and established businesses. All content that you see on our demo, although some parts of it look very complex, can be edited visually with Sparky Page Builder.


Speed addicts, fans of speedy cars, Joomla users... We got something "hot" for you! The Joomla cars template Hot Cars is as beautiful and as fast as your 4-wheels pet! Moreover, it can change color theme in a second and use one of our four predefined styles. Also, it can have custom colors of your preference. Many other tunings are available.


Web developers often need to create a site that doesn't have too much content, too much text or images. The content they got from client was short, but with clear messages. So, let's keep the content area clean! By adding an abstract background to the design, we will get a brilliant visual experience of the website we are developing.


Chess Joomla template is dedicated to chess clubs and people who are delighted to play chess. It's based on a modern design and powered by our page builder. is a responsive church template that comes with demo images suitable for religious communities. It's a responsive Joomla template based on the Sparky Framework that can also be used for many other kind of websites.


Hot Cinema has been dedicated to movie lovers. We all love to watch movies, don't we? In the cinemas or at our homes, wherever you prefer. Enjoyment is guaranteed if the movie you watch is good.


Hot Cleaning is responsive Joomla template for business websites specialized for the cleaning services. This is another template based on the Sparky Framework, powered by HTML5 and CSS3 features and also equipped with 3 new Joomla modules.