This block lets you select and include any Joomla module available on your Joomla site. The login form, search box, newsflash... you can include any module to your Joomla page.

When a new Joomla Module block is created, it will create a shortcode that includes a module on the Joomla page. However, to activate it, you must click the Block Settings icon and select the module. This block doesn't have any settings, except the Joomla module selection and class name.

Once a module is selected, you won't see its output in the editor. Instead, you will see a shortcode needed to include the module. However, when you save the page and access it from the front-end, you will see the actual module output.

Cog Joomla Module Block Settings

Joomla Module block settings

Select Module

Select a module you would like to include from the list. All modules available in your Joomla will be listed here (by module titles).

Module Container Class

The class name of this block in order to style it in your template's CSS file. If you don't need this, leave this field empty.

Example (Backend)

Joomla Module block backend

Example (Front-end)

Joomla Module block front-end

Block Operations

To learn how to duplicate, move and delete blocks, visit the Blocks page of the Page Layout section.